The Garage Door Company: £102 for five minutes effort

Around 2010 I had a garage door fitted by The Garage Door Company. It was a nice, solid roller one, not like the regular old up-and-over types you get.

A while ago, the wire that connected the garage handle detached from the latching mechanism, meaning that it couldn’t be opened from outside. Unfortunately, that door was the only way to get in. Since they were the ones who fitted it, I called up the Leeds Garage Door Company to see if they could help. The guy I spoke to was happy to book me an visit from an engineer to repair the door, at the cost of £102. He did explain that if any new parts were required, then they were not included in the £102 fee.

So, the engineers eventually arrived. They had a go at the door with a pry bar for a few minutes, said that was all they could do, then fucked off. Awesome. No clever tricks, that only someone who installed those types of doors. No intimate knowledge of their workings. Just a fucking pry bar.

I emailed them, to ask if I could get any kind of refund on the fee. I was told that it was a flat call-out charge and I couldn’t have any kind of refund. I did understand that the £102 was a call-out charge, but I also (perhaps naively) thought that their engineer would be able to repair the door or at least have some clever trick or than using a fucking prybar. Given how utterly useless their visit was, I at least expected some kind of good will gesture. But no, The Garage Door Company are sticking by their charge and, I expect, would happily keep taking the money for visits they know are a waste of time.


Compare their behaviour to Meridian Security, my local locksmiths: I also asked them if they could have a go at fixing the garage door. They sent a locksmith, who tried various things before he admitted defeat and didn’t charge me a penny!

In the end, I fixed the door myself. I made a small hole with a screwdriver and hammer, reached through to open the latch, fixed the cable back to the handle, patched the hole with aluminium, then sprayed it black. Not bad for the £0 it cost me.


So, The Garage Door Company will take your money, make little effort, then give you the brush-off. Not cool.