ADVFN: cancellation is near impossible

ADVFN is a site for viewing stock market data (share prices, company information etc.) and useful tool for those taking an active interest in stocks and shares. The company receives strong recommendations from Robbie Burns (AKA the Naked Trader) and is a pretty decent tool, despite it looking like the bastard offspring of two Geocities sites from the late 90s.

Although you can do a lot with ADVFN, a number of useful features are behind a paywall, where you can get either rolling monthly or annual subscriptions. Using an offer from Robbie Burns, I got a year’s subscription that would renew in June 2016.

Having given up on the stocks and shares game by this time, I fired off a friendly email in early June asking to cancel my renewal. I didn’t hear anything back. I sent another email, asking again. Still no response. I then saw that the subscription had renewed and the month taken from my credit card.

I’ve since done a bit of research into this and it seems that their terms and conditions give very specific instructions on how to cancel a subscription: giving 30 days notice and writing a letter to them (sent only during the full moon and in a pink envelope). For a company that proudly displays their customer services email address throughout their site, for them to just ignore my emails is fucking deliberately being difficult. I know I could have referred to the terms and conditions at any time, and saved myself this problem, but this is the 21st Century and a decent company would have replied to my first email, directing me to the terms, rather than ignoring me like the set of cunts they are.

So, to stop this happening next year, I’ve cancelled the card that they’ve billed. So when they try to take the payment, it’ll be rejected. Fuck you, ADVFN, fuck you very much.