First Buses: don’t pretend there’s a bus coming when there isn’t

Although I’d like to complain about the miserable First buses drivers, who mumble from behind their plastic screens and look like you’ve laid a fresh shit if you try paying with a tenner, they have to do a pretty shitty job, and put up with a lot of bell-ends, especially late Friday and Saturday nights, and don’t get paid very well.


But what I will complain about is how I end up waiting about 30 minutes for a bus that’s supposed to be every ten minutes, and the real-time tracker tells me is only a few minutes away. This wasn’t a one-off event; it’s happened a few times to me. I go to the bus stop, see the display show a bus is two or three minutes away, and wait.

After a few minutes, I see that the two or three minutes hasn’t got down – it’s gone up, and now shows five minutes or something. So I wait some more.

More minutes pass and the bus has now dropped off the display, as there are other buses for other routes coming sooner (the displays only show the next three buses). I wait some more.

The other buses come and go, sometimes several times. Then eventually my bus appears on the display again, showing it’s ten minutes away (by this point, it’s been about fifteen minutes I’ve been waiting for a bus that’s supposed to be every ten minutes).

I wait another ten minutes, and when the bus arrives, there’s another bus at the stop already, for one of the other routes. The fucking driver, for some reason, doesn’t stop (there’s plenty of room and I can see his bus isn’t full) and just keeps fucking driving, despite me waving to flag him down.

I wait another ten minutes, for a bus that actually does stop for me.

Fuck you, First Buses.