Sugar Soap: I need to clean after using this cleaner?

I would define a cleaning product as something that you use on something that needs cleaning that leaves you with something that doesn’t need cleaning.

Sugar Soap (and many other cleaners) have directions instructing to use the product to clean, and then rinse with water. What? So I use the cleaning product and then need to clean again? So it’s not a cleaning product, it’s some kind of bastard creation, that replaces one kind of dirt with another one. Fuck you, Sugar Soap.


Obviously, I do understand that Sugar Soap loosens dirt from the wall, but then the water is needed to get rid of that loose dirt from the wall. However, this is the 21st Century, and if I can carry an iPhone in my pocket, with more computing power than was on the Apollo 11 rocket, that took men to the moon, then I expect to have cleaning products that don’t require me to clean up after them.