WinkHaus: A next day delivery of LIES

I ordered a new cylinder for my house door from WinkHaus. There was only one shipping option, next day delivery, which was quite expensive for what I was ordering, but I couldn’t be bothered shopping around, and did want the item as soon as possible. Given it was a Sunday, I expected the order to be processed on the Monday, for me to receive it on Tuesday.

OK, so it didn’t arrive on Tuesday. So I sent an email, asking when it would arrive. I was told that the order would be processed on Tuesday, for me to receive it by Wednesday or Thursday.

Wednesday passed.

Thursday passed.

It finally arrived on Friday.


So clearly WinkHaus is operating under a different definition of next day delivery. I would say the standard definition of next day delivery, when shown as a shipping option on an online order, is for the ordered item to fucking well arrive on the next day. But WinkHaus clearly works under the assumption it means they post it using a next day delivery service, but take as long as they want to actually ship it.