Drew’s Shitlist

Below are posts detailing companies and products I’ve had shitty experiences with. I’m not saying avoid them or anything, you can do what you want. And I’m not claiming that any of them are impartial reviews or either. They’re just little rants that I chose to write as posts rather than spam my friends with on Facebook or whatever.

Station Pizza: No Fanta For Me

Seriously. All I wanted was my Fanta delivering. [Read More]

WinkHaus: A next day delivery of LIES

When ‘Next Day Delivery’ means ‘In About A Week’ [Read More]

First Buses: don’t pretend there’s a bus coming when there isn’t

Saying ‘Buses Up To Every Ten Minutes’ Technically Can Mean Never [Read More]

HP: bullshit error messages and shit delivery

A big business not giving a toss about their customers [Read More]

Sugar Soap: I need to clean after using this cleaner?

A major drama in my life [Read More]